10 Digital Marketing Solutions to Help Drive Traffic to Your Website
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Digital Marketing Solutions to Help Drive Web Traffic

Are you having trouble getting your website the traffic it deserves? Here are 10 digital marketing solutions to help drive traffic to your site.

No matter what the size of your business, you know that more than half of your already massive marketing budget needs to be focused on digital. This can be a significant amount of money for a small business, especially when you’re not seeing the traffic numbers you want.

In order to get the returns you’re hoping for, you need to refresh your approach to digital marketing solutions.

Digital marketing is more than just the tactic of using keywords and buying ad space that it was a few years ago. As search engines and devices have grown more sophisticated, advertising and marketing have needed to become more innovative.

For businesses large and small, the goal of digital marketing is to make connections with customers. If you’re looking to get the kind of quality traffic that leads to strong customer connections, try these 10 digital marketing solutions.

1. Speed Up Your Site

When search engines determine which sites are the best to match a user’s search terms, they also look at the status of the site they’re serving up. A site that loads in 2 seconds or less is the ideal marker of a fast site.

In order to have the highest SEO or Search Engine Optimization, a site needs to load quickly and look organized. Try a speed test like Pingdom to see how fast your site loads.

2. Improve Your Descriptions and Titles

When search engines return results for a search, they show users a title with a brief description underneath. This data will tell users whether or not your site is relevant to their needs.

Add important keywords and local terms to your titles. Keep titles around 40-50 characters so nothing gets cut off.

You can be more descriptive with your tags and descriptions. Add a short preview of what users will see when they click your link. Put your local SEO tags here as well.

Descriptions that are under 150 characters allow users to get what they need without seeing anything cut off.

3. Focus On Mobile

Mobile browsing is now the number one way that people access the internet for recreation or shopping. Your website needs to load easily and look good on every kind of mobile device, tablet, and smartphone.

If you’re in the midst of rebuilding your website or building it for the first time, take a “mobile first” approach. This will save you time and money, as it’s often easier to scale a mobile site for desktop browsing than vice versa.

Websites that are well organized and look good on mobile will engage more users and rank higher in search results.

4. No Duplicate Content

If you have a blog or content that’s connected to another site you work on or are affiliated with, you might be tempted to copy and paste content.

While this might seem like a natural extension if your audiences never overlap, search engines frown upon this behavior. Your search results will be penalized if web crawlers come across duplicate content.

Feel free to link out to other sites or add videos to your posts. Connecting to other sites builds brand authority and creates a community of sites.

5. Organize Your Sitemap

While you sleep, search engines send out robots called “web crawlers” to look at every site, index its content, and rank it for quality. That’s how search engine results can come back in fractions of a second. Search engines already know what’s out there.

Web crawlers look at sitemaps to get a feel for what your site has to offer and how its laid out. Having a well-organized sitemap that makes sense to crawlers will lead to high rankings in search results.

Follow the “three-click rule” so that all of your pages are easy to find. It should take no more than three clicks to get where users need to go.

6. Let Your Images Work For You

Having quality tags and descriptive “alt” text connected to your images allows search engines to organize your page.

Adding simple alt text that describes what’s in an image will lead to more search results and more eyes on your content. Add smart file names as well. While you might know that “ABC123XYZ.JPG” is the title of a photo of an old man eating a sandwich, but search engines will never know.

Tell them what it is by changing your title to “old-man-eating-tuna-sandwich.JPG” and you’ll end up with more search results. While they may just be sandwich fanatics collecting images from the internet, the clicks you get will count toward your ranking.

7. Write A Relevant Blog

Since search engines love to see new and relevant content, starting a blog connected to your site is a great way to build a steady flow of traffic. Your blog posts could end up appearing in search results a more static page would never be included in.

This is one of the cheapest digital marketing solutions because anyone with expertise in their field could throw together 500 words per week. Connect with your audience, ask for them to leave comments, and you’ll start building a community. This dedicated audience will begin to help you build brand authority. This brand authority will have you climbing the rankings at a rapid pace.

8. Create Linked Content

Reach out to other people in your industry or in related industries. Ask if they would like to guest blog on your site. Include links to their writing and posts and ask if they’ll do the same.

Appearing on multiple sites is useful for both parties. It increases your rankings and exchanges exposure between two previously unconnected companies. Look for influencers who have a strong following or an important voice in a community like yours.

9. Use Social Media Wisely

First, your company needs to have a presence on every single major social media platform. Then, you need to have a unique voice catered to the audience of each platform.

On Twitter, you can make jokes with your audience. You can announce flash sales and special events. On Instagram, video and images with text are extremely important. Show off your latest product or just your branded item at a popular tourist destination.

With Facebook’s targeted advertising algorithm, you can write different posts targeted to different audiences.

10. Email Marketing Lives

Email marketing is still an important way to be in touch with your customer base. Get to know who is opening your emails and what sorts of emails connect better with customers.

Using a platform like MailChimp, you can target your audience and shape your message so that your emails are most effective.

Digital Marketing Solutions Can Be Cheap

You don’t have to blow your budget trying to connect with your audience. There are cost-effective ways to implement digital marketing solutions that work.

If you’re ready to start getting quality traffic to your site, contact us today to get started.

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