SEO For Contractors: 7 Reasons Why You Need to Improve Your Local Rank
Local SEO for Contractors

Nearly 33 percent of all mobile searches on Google are local searches. Since mobile is now America’s favorite way to access the internet, this is still a huge number of searches.

The rise of “near me” and other local searches is fueled by mobile technology. When people are out and about, they want to find local, relevant information. They want to know about the best places to eat or when they can catch the latest superhero flick.

As a contractor, you might wonder if local search affects you. The answer is yes, it does. Local rankings are more important than ever in SEO for contractors.

Experts predict the importance of local search to keep growing. It’s time for contractors like you to put your SEO to the test and improve your local rank. These seven reasons illustrate why.

1. Your Services Are Tied to Geography

Local search engine marketing is almost a no-brainer for contractors. Unless you have locations in every state, your business is tied to a particular location.

If you use regular SEO services, your website might appear for someone in any part of the country. How disappointing it would be to find the perfect contractor, only to discover they’re on the other coast?

Using local search reduces this likelihood. Instead, it puts your business in front of people in your area.

2. People Are Looking for Your Business

As we already noted, local searches like “near me” and “nearby” have been on the increase. It’s easy to see why. People want to find local businesses they can actually buy from.

This is particularly true for services delivered on-site, like contract construction work. Someone looking for great contractors in San Antonio doesn’t want to see contractors in New York. They probably don’t even care about the top contractors in Dallas.

Local search engine optimization services put you front and center for people searching your area. Improving your ranking helps them find you.

3. SEO for Contractors Drives Results

The most important thing to note is that local search drives results. When people find your business through a local search, they’re more likely to give you a call. In fact, around 70 percent of mobile users hit the click-to-call button provided by Google.

Out of everyone performing local searches, around 60 percent will give you a ring. If they don’t decide to call you, don’t worry. About 60 percent of people performing a local search will actually visit a business.

This means some people will both call and visit you in person. The big take away is that the majority of people searching will contact you. It’s clear investing in local search marketing services pays off.

4. It Increases Your Sales and Revenues

The statistics we presented above make a good case for improving your local SEO. It’s a great way of generating more leads for your contractor business. As you know, though, leads don’t always turn into sales.

This is still very true in the case of local searches. Of the people who contact your business, only some of them will actually buy anything from you.

Nonetheless, the number is still significant. More than a quarter of people who contact your business will actually go on to buy services. This means investing in your SEO and boosting your local rank is one of the easiest ways to grow sales and revenue.

5. It Can be Easier to Rank for Local Search

There’s more good news. It’s often easier for contractors to rank locally. This is because you’re not trying to rank for the same keywords as every other business.

If you’re located in Sonora, you might want to rank for “contractors near me Sonora” or “best contractors in Sonora TX.” There’s less competition for these phrases than “best contractors in Texas.” The location information makes it easier to rank for your chosen keywords.

If you’re in a major center like Austin, Houston, or San Antonio, you’ll have more competition. That’s true even when you’re including geographic information in your keywords.

Think smaller. What neighborhoods do you serve? Someone might be searching within even this small area.

6. Local Search Marketing Services Are Cost-Effective

The numbers make a convincing case for investing in local SEO for contractors. You need to know the investment will actually pay off.

Increasing your sales sounds quite appealing, but at what cost?

The ROI for local search marketing services can be even higher than regular SEO services. Local services use similar SEO tips and tricks, but the increased targeting gets your website in front of the right people.

Why is the ROI higher? The location information narrows your audience. People looking in your area are more likely to be interested in your services.

This is better than regular SEO services in some ways. Their focus on getting you in front of the widest audience possible. You might generate more leads, but not all of them will be high quality.

7. Local Search is Still Growing

Most experts agree local search isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, the number of people using local search is set to continue growing.

In the next few years, you can expect to see local search to take over. The way people use search engines continues to evolve. Looking for local businesses and deals is one of these major trends.

If you want to take advantage of this growth, you should improve your local rank now. As search numbers grow, it’s likely the sales potential of these searches will increase too.

Improve Your SEO Today

The rise of local searches showcases how important good SEO for contractors is. Predictions about the continued growth of local search only highlight how important SEO is. Good SEO will be a priority for businesses.

Looking for a way to kickstart your SEO efforts? Get in touch with us today. We’ll help you discover new ways to improve your SEO. In turn, your business will be more visible to the people who are looking for you.

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